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IAI Japan is a non-profit organization certified by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. We endeavor to improve the prosperity of society and rejuvenate the economy through the following activities:
  P. Identify, support and educate entrepreneurs who start-up in Japan
Q. Train business angels who support and educate entrepreneurs
R. Cooperate with affiliated organizations in coordinating and harmonizing international activities and rules governing angels and entrepreneurs
IAI Japan trains and registers angel members whose mission is to motivate entrepreneurs in Japan with rigorous corporate governance and a compelling mission to start new businesses. IAI Japan members strive to promote a clear vision and social mission, a comprehensive business model, capital policy and business plan for every start-up that they support. The angel members of IAI Japan diligently research and improve their angel skills. Their activity is voluntary and is targeted for the benefit of fellow members and the organization itself. Collaboration is made to expand the angel network with other organizations that share the vision and mission of IAI Japan. Any individual or corporation who wishes to be an angel or to support angels and those who are agreeable with the vision and mission of IAI Japan are welcome to join the organization through the website at http://www.iai-j.com

Chairman of IAI Japan Keisuke Yawata

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